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IADC-USA(International Association of Drilling Contractors)

Rig Pass Program
HSE Rig Pass Orientation (Onshore)
HSE Rig Pass Orientation (Offshore)

DIT Program

IADC WellSharp™ Program

Well Control is one of the most critical areas for safe and successful operations, the new Well Sharp Program provides a reliable and trustworthy set of training standards for the drilling industry. Trainees gain more in depth knowledge and role specific skills, with a greater degree of confidence.

Enhanced Assessment Process

  • Centralized electronic testing system, including random test generation
  • Immediate test results and feedback based on learning objectives
  • Independently proctored assessments
  • Strengthened instructor qualification requirements

The WellSharp Program represents an industry led initiative to redefine Well Control training. ATC are proud to be able to offer this revolutionary new course as part of our continuous efforts to ensure that the latest and most innovative training methods are available to our clients.

Well Sharp Program

IPAF MEWP Training Courses (IPAF)

MEWP Operator Training 3a
MEWP Operator Training 3b
MEWP Operator Training 3a & eb